Join the 21 for 21 Challenge

The 21 for 21 challenge aims to cultivate a daily practice that is both efficient and attainable. Its objectives include fostering consistency and overcoming inertia. Participants will engage in the Mixed Spiritual Arts, incorporating dedication, breath-work, the Aum sound, movement, energy balancing, stretching, stillness, and concentration. Tailored to encompass holistic well-being, it strikes a balance suitable for busy schedules while ensuring sufficient engagement for body, mind, and spirit. The intention is for participants to emerge feeling purified, invigorated, and inspired.

The challenge lies in committing to this regimen daily for 21 consecutive days!


What’s the point/purpose?

  This course is designed to help develop a quick achievable daily practice. 
  To build consistency and eliminate laziness!
  Practicing the Mixed Spiritual Arts - a combination of dedication, breath-work, aum sound, movement, energy balancing, stretching, stillness and concentration.
  Designed to be a quick all rounder for the body, mind and spirit.
  Not too much to fit into a busy day, but not too little to avoid getting into a healthy flow, release some things, realign and recharge.
  My intention is for you to finish feeling cleansed, energised and uplifted.
  The challenge is to do it everyday for 21 days in a row!


What’s the structure? 

There are a range levels to choose from.
Level 1 & 2 are great for doing first thing in the morning to wake up in an energising uplifting way.  

1️⃣ Level 1 is designed for beginners and is more gentle. 
2️⃣ Level 2 is more dynamic and designed for more experienced movement artists.  
3️⃣ Level 3 is for practicing stillness, concentration and meditation, and can be done anytime, especially in the evening, to relax and integrate the day.
4️⃣ Level 4 is for experienced movers ready for a full body session, with some added minutes for a deeper flow and relaxation.
There are both {video demonstrations} and {audio only} for each day of level 1.  


The Two Ways to Complete the Challenge

There are 2 ways to complete the challenge:
1. On your own, begin anytime with the recordings that are in the members portal, and exercise your discipline by keeping yourself on track alone.
2. OR: By joining the group which begins a new round on the 1st of each month, and add your name to the group register, and be accountable everyday by posting your Timelapse video of your practice!
(Nb: Joining and committing to the group can have powerful effects and the group support and accountability can help with maintaining consistency.  As part of this membership you will have the opportunity to join each round.)


*  The challenge is to practice everyday.
*  To create strong group motivation and accountability you record your practice on a time-lapse video (high-speed option) and share it to the group (more info below on how to do this).
*  To stay in the group you must share your video everyday which will be ticked off on a register.  If you miss a day you are out of the challenge for that month.
*  I’m inviting you to take personal responsibility for keeping to the rules of the daily contribution, & if for any reason you know you will miss a day, I invite you to honor the challenge and remove yourself (feel free to leave a parting message if you like).

I will be keeping an eye on the posting
and will remove you myself if you are
not keeping up!
*  This is to create group accountability, and means throughout the 3 weeks, whoever remains in this group will have all done the same practice everyday! You may find this creates a positive collective vibration, that helps with motivation at times when it may be needed!!
When should I practice?
It’s up to you to choose when to practice. The only requirement is to post your video each day before you go to sleep for the night. I.e. day 1 on the 1st, day 2 on the 2nd etc. ( like this it’s also a calendar).
The intention is to build consistency, and eliminate laziness.
My practice suggestion is to do this 21 minute practice early when you wake up:
E.g Get up > drink water > shower > practice > share video to group > go into the day feeling fresh, uplifted and with the daily challenge completed 🎉
How do I stay committed?
1. Decide you’re IN for completion and WHY!
2. Your energy may wax and wane over the 3 weeks, some days may feel easy, some days you may feel more resistance. It’s those days you feel resistance that are the gateways to the great breakthroughs possible. Use the group energy to stay inspired and be celebrated!


What if I don’t complete?
If you don’t complete it first time round, congratulate yourself for giving it a go, and try again next time. It can be a great opportunity to analyse what happened on the day you missed that could reveal a powerful pattern and chance to learn something about yourself 🙏🏼

Why Timelapse?
Beyond accountability, the timelapse self-videos will activate the benefits of seeing your form, observing yourself over the 21 days and sharing your progress visually with the group.
Any video showing your session will do!
(While it’s great to be able to see you clearly we’re not looking for perfection here. Don’t let it be the reason you miss out on the benefits of moving with a group!)
How to record on Timelapse and listen to audio simultaneously…
* iPhone:
go to camera>Timelapse>and ensure volume is up on phone > find challenge audio and press play > return to Timelapse and click record
* Android: 
Download a free app called LapseIt, and follow in the same way as Iphone.
Troubleshoot: if you’re struggling with how to record and listen on 1 device, use 2 devices if you have the means (E.g listen on iPad/laptop, record on Phone)
Please note ~ when you post to the group, please check that your video completed the send ✅🙏🏼
And finally…
I wish you all the best with this challenge, and congratulations for accomplishing the most important part of this whole thing... just to begin🙏🏼.

Once you’ve joined the group, I invite you to share a little introduction of yourself, even just your name and where you are from/are practicing:-).
This course has been running since July 2021, and the results the consistent completers are sharing with me is fantastic, and makes this all a real joy to share!! We have participants on their 28th round!
I wish you success in completing strong on the 21st day.
And that the benefits spread out to all your relations.
Aum Ouss Uamsa Famaste

If you feel this calling you, then check out the membership options of monthly or annually ( to commit for a year and save money over a longterm programme ), then I look forward to seeing u there, thanks for giving this your time and attention this, I appreciate with respect and love . 🙋🏻‍♂️🙇🏻‍♂️🙌❤️🔥🕊🌚🙏